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Current ranks & open ranks

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This rank MUST be earned. It is a closed rank.
This rank is open to everyone, so be quick to reserve/fill out the form for it!
This rank is open, but you MUST be active enough for it.

Alpha- Battle - CLOSED
The highest rank, alphas are the main part of the pack and basically make all of the decisions. They aren't necessarily strong, but they are smart and have to be clever to do what they do. They usually eat first, and demand respect from wolves both in and out of the pack. Aggression is a must unless they will to give up their throne. Both genders work equally well in this roll. They -can- begin hunts.

Beta- Lupa - CLOSED
The rank of beta consists of one or two wolves. They stand beside the alpha, bringing info to the pack like a messenger. It works best if the beta is strong, for the high rank isn't always fit for fighting. The beta must be powerful enough to take on a challenger or even replace their alpha need be. Sometimes, this rank may bear pups. They -can- begin hunts. Males work best in this roll.

The best way to summarize this rank is to say that they are alphas/betas in training. Normally young and full of potential, they must also be protected and respected by the pack. Either gender is equal in this roll. They cannot begin hunts.

Omega-Rosebird - OPEN - OPEN - OPEN - OPEN - OPEN
Omegas are commonly mistaken for the lowest rank, but in truth are not. They break up fights between the pack and are strongly respected for it. They cannot start a hunt. Females work best in this roll.

Hunters- Lead hunter OPEN
Hunters fetch food for the pack. While any member may hunt as they please, hunters make it a life-choice and do it constantly just to increase the chance of a good meal. Both genders work in different ways in this roll, but sum up equally. Beginning hunts is normal.

Sentinels- Lead Sentinel Ignius
Sentinels are meant to defend the territory, trot around and attack any invaders that haven't been picked but by anyone else. Both genders work well for this role. They cannot begin a hunt.

Subordinates- OPEN - OPEN - OPEN - OPEN - OPEN - OPEN
Members that don't have specific ranks. They may hunt one day, watch the pups the next, patrol territory, ect. They eat last, but aren't necessarily picked on. Having a rank is a privilege rather than anything else, though subordinates must give respect to all higher in the hierarchy. They may not begin hunts.

Pup-sitters- Accalia- OPEN - OPEN
Pup sitters are female wolves of the subordinate rank that take the time off in spring to watch pups every once in a while. She must be responsible and tolerant. Female is the only functioning gender for this roll.

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