River : Bio

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River : Bio

Post by Starfly237 on Thu May 28, 2015 4:58 pm

Name: River.
Wolf Gender: Female.
Wolf Age: Three years.
Rank: Sentinel.
Crush: None.
Mate: None.
Offspring: None.

River is a three year old female wolf with the rank of Sentinel. She has a medium sized form which is lithe, and slender. She is fast and able to think quickly in battle or hunts. She was a loner before she had joined the pack, she worked her way up, achieving Sentinel when she was two years of age. Her eyes are emerald, though the optics are dappled with aqua when one looks close, the pupils, however, are rimed with a silvery blue, her observing eyes catch almost everything in the pack. River has a sweet sappy scent from when she spent time as a loner, where she stayed in pine trees, she has a sensitive nose, and can scent bears, elk etc from far away. Rivers fur is long and silky, its color is a dark brown with tinges of light brown around her eyes, she has a white underbelly, chest, paws all except the back ones, white ear tips, though the left ear droops, white tail tip, and a long, white stripe which starts from her tail and leads to her muzzle. She can sometimes be clumsy or elegant, she is agile, quiet at times, mysterious, can be shy, never afraid to do whats right, and ready to risk her life to help the pack. She is sweet, kind, careful, unique, mysterious, pretty, and observing. She hopes for pups of her own some day, but for now, is happy being herself.


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