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*Ember's Bio*

Post by Ember on Mon Jun 01, 2015 9:34 am

Wolf Name:
(about) two and a half years
Rank: Lead Hunter
Physical Stature: (i.e. lean, muscular, etc.)
I have a slightly muscular build (as I have to be strong to be a successful hunter), but I am mostly built for speed.
Appearance: (coloration/marking-wise)
Ember is a wolf of many colors. She has a thin, black muzzle with a strip of red in the center,  grey, reddish, black, and white pelt, long grey and red legs, amber paws, and she has a long, black tail. her eyes are ocean blue, they stand out on her colorful face.
Ember prefers to watch and observe other wolves before she talks to them, so don't expect her to be talkative. She is very loyal, as she would fit to the death for her pack. Since she observes everything, she is intelligent. When she speaks, it is either something you want to hear, or sarcasm (although Ember only uses sarcasm with her friends). She is slightly commanding, but submissive to those ranked above her.
I was born daughter of a loner, who raised me and my brother, Smoke. One day, my mother was teaching us how to hunt when a bear came along. This bear was starving and wanted to kill (and eat) me and Smoke. Mother shoved me up a tree, and turned back for Smoke. The bear had killed him, and the bear attacked my Mother. She put up a fight, but was killed quickly. I lived by a river, teaching myself everything. I had to teach myself to hunt, but I was efficient. When I was about twk years old I wandered away, finding this pack.
Strengths: (mental and physical)
Hunting, speed, and observing (kind of stalking, though)
Weaknesses: (mental and physical)
Lack of Friends.
Being alone, The river, Climbing Trees.
Talkative wolves (that try to talk with he excessively), Bears, and Snakes.

(I changed it up a bit, hope you don't mind)

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