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Post by Shadow--Aegis on Thu May 21, 2015 8:44 pm

<<I'm dust and shadows in the darker night>>
➳ Name: Shadow
➳ Wolf Gender: Female
➳ Wolf Age: 2 Years old
➳ Rank: None
➳ Crush: None
➳ Mate: None
➳ Offspring: None
Shadow is a white grey wolf,she is a rouge,she leaved her birth pack to find her own pack.When she as a pup,her parents,the Alphas,was killed by another rouges,so she leaved her family and her pack to don't suffer anymore for anyone.
She loves be wild and free,like her father,she have gold eyes.Her fur is white like the snow,with a few small scar in her legs,this white fur is so similar to the snow,and is the reason to be a good huntress in the winter.Her secret wish is find a pack and a truly mate,and have with him cute pups.

© Character belongs to me.
© Photo belongs to rightful owner.


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